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  • my-perfect-foundation-and-lashes-makeup-the-glamorous-gal

    My Perfect Foundation & Lashes

    Over the past year, I have sat on hundreds of Zoom calls. I always like to look my best, so I was really excited to come across the My Perfect Cosmetics…

  • my-perfect-cosmetics-mascara-the-glamorous-gal

    My Perfect Cosmetics Routine

    During this time of quarantine, I have taken it upon myself to work on my self-care. Everything from taking care of my mind, body and soul is on the table right…

  • Glamcor RIKI SKINNY Makeup Mirror
    Beauty Style

    Glamcor RIKI SKINNY Makeup Mirror

    Lately, I have been branching my content out a little more to include my favorite beauty items. I don’t really change my routines up all that much, so I always felt…