Beach Wave Hair Tutorial

spray hair after it is curled

You guys asked and I have delivered! I am talking about my beach wave hair tutorial! I am someone who almost always prefers a pretty curl or wave over straight hair, so I couldn’t resist putting together a hair tutorial. Over the years, I have used different methods, different tools and different products to get the perfect curl, so today I thought I would share some knowledge! Right now my curling irons of choice are the Conair curling iron and the Sultra. I use each for a different look. This Conair iron has seen better days….I’ve literally had it since high school. I have kept it because 1) it still works (which is amazing) and 2) I like the size of the curl it produces. A few years back, I bought the Sultra and I also love love love it! It gives a slightly tighter curl, which is great if you need your curls to last for a long period of time (like at a wedding or event).

I am a big believer in letting hair air dry before styling. I know that this is not always possible, but if you have some time, I would always recommend to let you hair partially air dry. I let my hair air dry and brushed it out with the wet brush. Ok, quick digression, this is one of the best hair tools I have ever used. As someone who has highlighted their hair for well over a decade (actually closer to 2, but who is counting??), it was always a challenge to run a brush through my hair after getting out of the shower. No matter how healthy or conditioned my hair was, I always ended up pulling my hair out as I brushed it. The bristles of the wet brush are super flexible (and magical) and allow me to run a brush through my hair right out of the shower with NO BREAKAGE! I literally have 5 of these brushes; in my bathroom, my work bag (they make travel sizes!), in my beach bag, etc. Back to the tutorial, after brushing my hair with the magical wet brush, I hit it with a touch of heat from the blow dryer before getting ready to curl. Now, a lot of people use product like mousse or hair spray before curling their hair, but I don’t. For me, my hair holds a curl pretty well, so I don’t bother with any additional products.

To get a beach wave look, curl from the back of your head to the front in sections, leaving about 1-2 inches of hair (ie. your ends) out of the curling iron. This will leave your ends straight, resulting in a more tousled look. I recently cut off about 3 inches of dead ends, so my hair is a bit thicker and more blunt cut at the bottom right now, which is why I am enjoying this look right now. Don’t worry though, this also looks great on thinner ends as well!

After I curl each side of my head, I use the Bumble and Bumble styling spray to gently hold my curls. What I love about this particular spray is that it leaves a very natural look and feel to your hair. It is not sticky or crunchy AT ALL! I actually requested that my hair stylist use this to hold my curls on my wedding day so that my hair would look and feel natural! Finally, and this is an optional step, I pull my hands through my hair to make the curls a bit more natural. Now, if I had used the Sultra, there would have been a more distinct difference between the curls and the straight ends, which is also a great look! It is really all up to you! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know what you want to see next!

Let hair air dry Sultra and Conair Curling Irons start with dry haircurl hair in sections leave ends out of curling iron for a beachy lookcurl all pieces of hair in sections curl from the back to the front of your head for a beach look, don't curl the ends of your hairBumble and bumble styling hair spray

mist hair spray over curls while they are still hot run your fingers through your hair to pull out curlspull fingers through your hair for a beachy look beach waves


Curling Iron (Conair, Sultra| Wet Brush (Regular size, Travel size| Hair Spray (Bumble and Bumble| Lip color (lipstick, lip liner)

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