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My Weekend Morning Routine

coffee and pajamas at home The Glamorous Gal

Ever since we renovated our home, Eric and I love being in our kitchen. We love to cook, host and have drinks around the kitchen island! Recently, we got into pour over coffee and honestly…once you have coffee made from freshly ground beans…you will never go back! We were mesmerized by videos on YouTube demonstrating how to make the perfect pour over coffee with a Chemex. Eric got really ambitious and decided that we were going to try our hand at making coffee. Luckily, we were able to get everything we needed on eBay! Not only were we able to get the actual Chemex on eBay, but we were also able to get everything else we needed to make the perfect cup of coffee, including a coffee grinder, coffee filters, a kettle to boil hot water and even a coffee scale! eBay’s home & garden section is full of everything you could ever need for your home, including your kitchen! It is also easier than ever to shop on the eBay website from authorized dealers selling brand new items! With the upcoming eBay End of Season Sale, you too can be a coffee connoisseur!

If you are a regular follower, you have probably seen me posting IG stories while we are making our pour over coffee. Now I will put a disclaimer on this process and say that this is definitely not something we do everyday. We reserve Chemex coffee for the weekends when we are home and planning to have a leisurely morning. We have purchased all different types of coffee beans, but the main thing to remember is that the more fresh the beans are, the better the coffee will be. We usually buy local coffee beans that were roasted within the last month!

Check out the details of My Weekend Morning Routine below!

Chemex fresh coffee maker The Glamorous Gal

fresh coffee grinds The Glamorous Gal

the perfect morning coffee from ebay The Glamorous Gal

my coffee gear The Glamorous Gal

morning coffee for the weekend with chemex from ebay The Glamorous Gal

coffee canister, chemex and encore grinder from ebay The Glamorous Gal

coffee canister, chemex and encore grinder from ebay The Glamorous Gal

coffee canister, chemex and encore grinder from ebay The Glamorous Gal

get everything you need for a fresh cup of coffee on ebay The Glamorous Gal

fresh local coffee beans The Glamorous Gal

but first...coffee The Glamorous Gal

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