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I can feel the warm weather peeking its head around the corner! Unfortunately, New York always seems to be the last in line for the season change. Either way, today I am sharing some Spring Outfit Ideas for Your Guy (and a cute outfit for yourself too)! Eric doesn’t make an appearance on my blog too much and that is mostly because he is the man behind the camera (and behind the computer). Eric is not only my photographer, but he is my tech guy as well! Without him, The Glamorous Gal couldn’t exist! When he heard that he would have a chance to make it onto the good ole’ Instagram, he was hesitant at first. He has to get dressed up for a photoshoot…ugh! I promised him that he wasn’t going to be getting “dressed up”, rather he would be wearing something right out of his own closet! That perked him up a bit and we ended up getting through the shoot (via tripod) without too much incident! What do you guys think? Do you want to see more menswear (ie. more of Eric)? Let me know in the comments below!

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I’m not going to lie…it is not easy to dress a 6’5″ former athlete! Our ideas of fashion are vastly different. Eric’s idea of a casual outfit includes a t-shirt, mesh shorts and sneakers. It took us a long time to come to a compromise on investing in some nice clothing for Eric. Once we did, I knew that anything I would convince him to wear would have to be comfortable and functional. Button down shirts are definitely something that Eric gravitates to because they are comfortable, easy to wear and work both untucked and tucked. We have actually been on the hunt for a nice vest since we went to Jackson Hole in November. It wasn’t until now that we found one that we liked. Vests are perfect for Spring because they keep you warm during that transitional weather and alleviate the need for a jacket. This one was a winner for both of us!

casual-jeans-and-sweater-outfit-the-glamorous-gal (1)


Although we are showcasing Eric’s outfit today, I wanted to also give you some details on my look! You guys know me well, so I doubt you are surprised that I am sharing some neutrals with you! For me, I love easy and wearable looks that are minimal effort. This textured white sweater fits that bill to a “T”! It has a sweatshirt vibe, which I love, but the popcorn texture actually elevates it a bit. I did the rest by pairing it with white heels (also a Spring must-have) and some fun bell bottom jeans!

southern shirt menswear and womenswear


Sweater // Jeans // Bag // Shoes // Earrings

Button Down // Vest // Jeans // Boots

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