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Fall is upon on whether we are ready for it or not! I am seeing pumpkins and mums lining the front porches of all of my neighbors, so I thought it would be fitting to share some of my favorite Fall trends this year! This post is to dive into The Fall Edit, including trends like sweater vests, neutrals, combat boots, shirt dresses, plaid and flare jeans!


I think that sweater vests might be the most controversial Fall trend this year. When I think sweater vests, I’m not sure that I think high fashion, or fashion period! Despite any preconceived notions, I actually think that this is a really fun trend! I actually shared a sweater vest during the Summer and you guys loved it! I’ve also seen the sweater vests paired with white button down underneath for a more Fall appropriate option!

Check out the rest of my The Fall Edit below!


It should be no surprise that Neutrals are on the Fall trend list. Neutrals are always on trend, and now more than ever, you’ll want to snag some beautiful and rich camels, browns and off-whites for Fall!


Combat boots and just chunky boots in general have been on trend for about a year. If you haven’t jumped on the trend yet, I urge you to, because they are in for Fall ad make a bold statement with denim and skirts alike!

Pink Lily Boutique Red Flannel Dress & Over the Knee Boots


Shirt dresses are a fun way to style an effortless and casual look into something more interesting and bold! Style with combat boots, over the knee boots or something more chic like stilettos for a fun play on a simple look!

Shein Plaid Skirt & Lace Tank




Plaid is such a quintessential Fall trend. Though it does go in and out of style, I would say that it’s always a safe bet to have some classic plaids in your wardrobe!


Finally, I can even believe I am saying it, but flares are IN! I remember wearing flares and even the “exaggerated flares” (ie. bell bottoms) all throughout middle and high school. I have since donated almost all of flared denim, but I did keep a few favorites that I just couldn’t part with. Now I am glad that I did, because this fun trend is here to stay for a while! Everything from distressed denim, to white denim and black/gray denim is f(l)air game!

I hope this post helps to guide you through Fall!

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