Renovation Diary

Siding & Drywall – Day 93

It has been a busy few weeks, so we apologize in advance for the delay in getting these updates on the blog! A lot has happened since the framing was finished!

The new roof went on, which is great because we have had a lot of rain lately. Almost all of the siding is up except for the small strip under the porch. We are still waiting for our new front door to arrive, so they are waiting to finish that portion of the siding. We also added these beautiful details to the front peaks and extra large moulding to the front windows and doors to add some depth. Oh, and of course, we finally upgraded the second floor heating and cooling system (we did the first floor system last winter).

The finishing touches for the porch are on hold until we get a little closer to the end to ensure that any staining, sealing and painting won’t be ruined by the construction crew.

Finally, the most exciting part….the entire addition has been fully plumbed, electrified, framed, drywalled, spackled and is almost ready for paint! Before the drywall went up on our monstrous steel beam, we took the time to leave a little “time capsule” to commemorate our first renovation!

Next to come is primer, paint, cabinets and appliances! We are almost there!

Stay tuned for more!

day-93-side-of-houseApologies for the ugly dumpster in the driveway!

day-93-angle-back-of-house day-93-angle-back-of-house2 day-93-back-of-housegarage-doors new-air-conditioner-carrier peak-design porch-post great-room kitchen-area great-room-areabar-area beam-signing

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