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My Hair Essentials

My Hair Essentials

Since my Daily Makeup Routine post went over so well with you guys a few weeks ago, I decided to put together a post featuring My Hair Essentials! All of these products are items that I currently use and cannot live without! Over the years I have learned so much about my hair, especially since I highlight it pretty heavily. It was very important to me to make sure that my hair stayed healthy despite the products, bleach and curling/straightening I put it through. I have tried hundreds of products that claim to keep hair shiny and healthy, but the products I use now are by far my favorite. This post is not sponsored, I just want to share some of my favorite products with you!

The first step to healthy hair is always making sure that it is cut regularly. I recently chopped a few inches off of my hair, but even before then, I tried to get my hair cut every 2 months and I always made sure my hairdresser cut off all of the split ends. From there, I did a lot of research on what shampoos and conditioners were best. I always choose products that are silicone free and contain protein. You hair is basically all protein, so products that contain protein help to strengthen your locks! I also use a blonde or “purple” shampoo to make sure that I keep my highlights bright and white and keep them from turning that dreaded brassy shade. I also make sure to do a deep conditioning treatment every week (if I can). My favorites right now are the Moroccan Oil Mask and the Olaplex treatment.

For styling, I dry my hair with the T3 Micro Ionizing hair dryer. It dries my hair super fast and the ions are meant to protect your hair from heat damage. Once my hair is dry, I use a bunch of products from DryBar. They are, by far, my favorite and all of them smell amazing! I generally give my clean hair a quick spray of dry shampoo at the root and shine spray on the ends. This helps to give my hair some body and it also helps my hair last for an extra day or two between showers. This is the best because it saves my hair from having to be subjected to styling every day. From there, I usually straighten my ends and then curl my hair. I spray a bit of texturing spray (by far the best smelling product EVER) to help my curls hold and then hit them with some hairspray. The Bumble & Bumble spray I use gives my curls a very flexible hold. I never liked that super crunchy and stiff hold. Generally, my hair holds a curl pretty well, so this type of spray works for me and keeps everything very natural. I actually forced my hairdresser to use this for my wedding day. Despite 100% humidity and and temperatures in the high-90’s, my curls held throughout the day. This stuff is magical!

One other tip is to make sure that you are using brushes that are easy on your hair. I started using the Wet Brush about 5 years ago and I have never gone back. I even have a mini one in my bag for emergencies. The bristles are meant to bend when you comb wet hair, reducing the amount of breakage you suffer after getting out of the shower. You hair is most vulnerable when wet, so this is a big one to watch out for! Let me know in the comments below if you are interested in me doing a hair tutorial!

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