Babbleboxx Winter Warm-Ups Box

cozy hanes waffle shirt and ginger tea from babbleboxx The Glamorous Gal

Winter is coming, which is why I teamed up to share this Babbleboxx Winter Warm-Ups Box today (Sponsored by Babbleboxx)! Within this box, I received a bunch of amazing must-haves for winter! Everything from cozy lounge wear to ginger chews that will keep you healthy during the cold winter months is in this box! First and foremost, my biggest concern during the winter months is staying healthy. Last year, I got sick three times, which was the absolute worst. I travel a lot for work, and the single most horrible thing is having to board an airplane with the flu! This year, I am determined to stay healthy! These ginger chew and crystals from Prince of Peace (#princeofpeaceginger) combine the delicious natural flavor of ginger with all of the health benefits, including antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory properties and bring comfort to the stomach! You can choose from a chewable or the crystals that can be mixed with hot water to make a ginger tea!

 Next, I am totally loving the cozy loungewear from Alternative Apparel! Between the cute cropped thermal tee and the cozy cotton sweatshirt, I know I will be staying super warm this winter. I love that I can wear whatever I am in the mood for, whether it be a crop top mixed with tight leggings for a more trendy loungewear look that I can run errands in or cuddle up in the cozy sweatshirt under a blanket to binge watch Netflix on a Sunday afternoon! Either way, both are made with cotton, have ribbed cuffs and are easy to throw in the washing machine!

Next, I want to share these Hanes Eco Smart Sweats! Aside from the fact that they are totally comfy, they use 10% recycled polyester from plastic bottles and 50% renewable energy sources to make them! I have totally be loving the clothing brands that are using sustainable and recycled materials to create clothing! It can sometimes be disheartening to realize that clothing is one of the most turned-over products out there and this is a great way to help mitigate that turn-over! Finally, I am sharing this highly effective topical lop balm and cold sore remedy! If you suffer from cold sores in the winter, you will definitely want to get your hands on this product, which features a gel mixture that shows less than other balms!

Check out the details of this Babbleboxx Winter Warm-Ups Box below!

babbleboxx holiday cozy items The Glamorous Gal

hot ginger tea and cozy pajamas The Glamorous Gal

cozy hanes waffle shirt and ginger tea from babbleboxx The Glamorous Gal

the perfect cold weather tea remedy The Glamorous Gal

ginger losengers for winter The Glamorous Gal


Cropped Waffle Knit Tee // Terry Sweatshirt // Hoodie // Sweatpants // Lip Balm // Ginger Chews // Ginger Crystals

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