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Wine and Liquor Closet with California Closets


In addition to overhauling our Pantry Closet, we also took the time to re-design our Wine and Liquor Closet with California Closets – Suffolk County! Even though we have an amazing wet bar set up, we still have extra wine and liquor bottles that don’t fit in that area. We had previously been keeping everything in what is now the Pantry Closet, but it was very disorganized. We were hoping to find a way to organize this space, but also add a really cool wow factor for entertaining. Ariane from California Closets helped us dream up this amazing liquor closet space, complete with glass shelves and the coolest motion activated lighting!

Check out the details of my Wine and Liquor Closet with California Closets below!





As usual, the California Closets installation team was able to come in and expertly get the install done in less than a day. The only items we were waiting on were the glass shelves, which were slightly delayed due to the COVID-19 situation. In this extenuating circumstance, we had to wait for the glass shelves to be manufactured and delivered. As I mentioned, we also added some really cool lighting, including puck lights on the top shelf and track lighting down the side of the shelving units. The lights are activated by a motion sensor when you open the closet doors, which Eric was really excited about! Now, when you open up this closet, the lights and the shelving make for a really amazing WOW factor!












We wanted to make sure that we had enough room for all of the extra liquor that we had and to neatly keep our wine collection organized. Ariane went through our collection, counted and measured everything and accounted for the fact that what we currently had could change at any given time. She made sure that we had storage for what we had and extra space in case we stocked up before a party or holiday. We really loved the idea of having everything symmetrical, so that when you open up the doors of the closet and the lights pop on, you have a really dramatic looking space! We also opted to install a textured background, which really finishes off the space. In many of our other closets, we just have the painted wall in the background, which is great, but because this closet was really meant to also be a showpiece, I love that we made that design decision. Finally, Eric really wanted the lighting to take center stage, so we opted for two rows of glass shelves to ensure that the lights could really brighten all the way down to the bottom shelves!



Overall, we couldn’t be happier that we upgraded this section of our home with California Closets. Now, when we have parties, we know that we don’t have to be embarrassed anymore when we open our liquor closet to restock the bar!


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Champagne Glasses // Cocktail Mixing Glass // Bar Spoon // Strainer

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed our Wine and Liquor Closet Reveal!

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