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My New Pantry with California Closets


After our amazing experience with California Closets – Suffolk County to overhaul our Master Bedroom Closet, we knew we would be teaming up again in the future to tackle a few other projects on our punch list. When we renovated, we added tons of storage on the first floor of our home. We were using it to the best of our ability with the shelving that we had, but ultimately, we wanted to maximize the space and really organize our pantry closet. Specifically, we wanted to make sure that we had space and easy access to cleaning supplies like our vacuum, to really make our lives easy. Eric and I set to work, emptying, prepping and painting the space. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with my New Pantry with California Closets!

Check out the details of My New Pantry with California Closets below!




Before California Closets came in, we were using this large closet to store odds and ends. Nothing was really organized and we were not maximizing our space at all. We also had all of our extra liquor and wine sitting on the floor, which was a disaster waiting to happen. Nothing was organized and we always feared that we would scratch the floors or break something because of our lack of organization.

We met with Ariane, the same designer who designed our Master Bedroom Closet, to come up with the perfect plan for this space. She was already familiar with our home, with our style and understood what we would be looking for in this space. She proposed moving all of the wine and liquor to another closet in our home (check out our Wine & Liquor Closet Reveal) and making this closet a true pantry for dry goods like toilet paper, tissues and cleaning supplies. We actually had a few outlets in this closet, because this space in our home used to be our old kitchen (see our renovation diary for a before and after of our home), so we used the access to electricity to our advantage.

We added a space for our vacuum’s right in the middle of the closet for easy access to the outlet. Ariane even designed a space for Eric to keep some of his most-used tools so that he didn’t have to trek in and out of the garage every time he needed something. The tool area also has access to an outlet, making it the perfect space to charge a drill while working on an indoor project. Overall, Ariane hit everything on our wishlist, from organization to space maximization! She was even able to customize our top shelves to be a little more narrow so that we could still utilize the space at the top for additional storage.





On install day, the crew at California Closets arrived and tackled this entire install in a few hours. Everything went so smoothly and before we knew it, our new Pantry space was done! From there, I worked on finding additional organizational methods to neatly put everything back into this closet. I purchased baskets, labels and boxes to make sure that I had easy access to everything I use frequently. Check it out below!










Overall, we absolutely love how our Pantry Closet came out! The organization is really in the details, which is why we love California Closets so much! They are able to include details that really make a space come to life. Specifically, the broom hooks were a great use of space for our cleaning supplies and Eric couldn’t have been happier to have a wall of tools, complete with tool hooks that are interchangeable. He loves them almost as much as he loves his wall of hats! A big thank you to California Closets and their team for making this experience nothing short of amazing!


Top // Jeans

Woven Baskets // Basket Labels // Card Organizer

Vacuum // Hand Vacuum // Hand Vacuum Holder

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you liked our Pantry Reveal and I hope this inspires you to organize a space in your home!

This post was sponsored by California Closets, but all opinions are my own!
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