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I always have a really hard time buying presents for Eric. He is really hard to shop for, but also, we usually just buy what we want throughout the year, so there is almost nothing I can get him that he likely hasn’t already gotten for himself. Being in quarantine these last few months, we had to figure out our work from home situation. I already have an office set up downstairs, but Eric was working from the kitchen island for a while. We finally took the time to get an office set up for him and he’s been complaining that it’s “not finished” ever since. In an effort help finish the space, I set out to find some amazing decor for his office/man cave! When I saw the gorgeous Enjoy the Wood World Map, I knew this would be a perfect gift for him! Eric works in IT and specializes in Geographic Information Systems, which is tech-speak for “Google Maps”, thus, a world map seemed really fitting for his office!

He was so excited when the map finally arrived. I gave it to him early since we aren’t going to be home for Christmas this year. He was literally a kid in a candy store, looking through all of the pieces, brainstorming how best to hang it and then getting even more excited about the state and country pins! I do want to warn you that the map set up is relatively easy, but it does take a fair amount of time to do. We actually broke up the install a little by cutting and affixing the double-sided tape to the back of each continent and island a few nights before we actually hung the map. It was pretty easy to do and we both just did it while we were sitting infront of the TV. I would say that part took about an hour. Once we were ready to actually hang the map, Eric did some fancy measuring, and we used the cardboard guides for the top right and left corner (Alaska & Russia). From there, the larger continents were pretty easy to hang because most of them interlock with one another. Australia, Greenland and the islands took a bit more finesse, but we used the map that they gave us in the instructions to eyeball those. They definitely don’t need to be perfect! The install itself took about three hours.

The map that we got (see details below) did not include Antarctica, but it did include a compass, ocean labels and a few little cute airplane and boat cutouts. We decided not to add those to the map because we felt it would be a bit too busy, but I definitely think they would look really great in the larger map configurations! We were also given state and country pins. We were super impressed with the quality of the pins and Eric was really eager to add them to all of the places he has been! Overall, I think this is the best gift I’ve ever given to Eric! Regardless of whether you are looking for a holiday, birthday or anniversary present, or you are just looking for a really cool conversation piece for a space in your home, you won’t be disappointed with this map!

Check out the details of our Enjoy the Wood World Map below!












Enjoy the Wood

Our Exact Map:

3D World Map // Dark Maple // Basic Configuration // Size Large (59″ x 35″)

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    December 9, 2020 at 10:12 am

    Oh my gosh! THIS I must have!!!!

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      December 9, 2020 at 10:19 am

      You will love it!! It’s on sale right now!

      xoxo, Kristen

      • Reply
        December 9, 2020 at 10:51 am

        I am such a map nerd!

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