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As you all know, one of my resolutions this year was to get, and more importantly stay, organized! Typical organization hotspots are usually closets, drawers and pantry’s, but what about your refrigerator? Out of sight, out of mind tends to be the motto, but who wants to be embarrassed by how the inside of their refrigerator looks when friends or family come over? I know that mine tends to get messy towards the end of each week as items get used, go bad and/or get forgotten. That’s why I am sharing my refrigerator organization with you today! All organizational items used are from the Marie Kondo line at The Container Store!  

Check out the details of my Refrigerator Organization below! 






Let’s be honest, like any other organization project, it takes consistency to stay organized. A refrigerator requires even more attention because food has a short shelf life. Each week, we order groceries, which is the perfect time to go through the refrigerator and purge old or outdated items. Having a designated space and/or container for items is always the best way to stay organized! I love these porcelain containers with the beautiful wood top because they are streamlined, give a clean look and are perfect for adding labels! Labels truly make everything better and easier to organize! This way, I may actually keep Eric away from my leftover! I also love that the containers come with tops so that I can keep certain items fresh and out of sight…think leftover fish. 




Small/Medium/Large Containers // Fruit Container // Egg Container // Bottle Holder // Fridge & Pantry Labels // Freezer Labels

Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy organizing!

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