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Plastic Bin Organization with The Container Store


A few weeks ago, I shared an option for great refrigerator organization! What I realized, is that some people like having things contained in opaque bins, so that things look very clean and streamlined, but others might be more visual. Today, I am sharing my clear bin organization from The Container Store. What I love is that I can clearly see what is in my refrigerator without having to rely on labels or look inside storage containers. I can visually see everything I have and easily grab things out of the stackable plastic bins!  

Check out the details of my Plastic Bin Organization with The Container Store below! 



Not only do I love that these bins are completely see through, but I love that the sizes and shapes can be mixed and matched. They are also stackable so that you aren’t wasting any space on any of your refrigerator shelves! 




I also love that these bins can be put inside my refrigerator drawers to further organize and separate those coveted spaces! 



Fruit Bins // Drawers // Freezer Bin // Egg Bin // Large Freezer Bin // Wine Holder // Lazy Susan

Overall, I really like how this organization system works in my refrigerator. I love that everything is visible as well as stackable! 

Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy shopping! 

This post was sponsored by The Container Store, but all opinions are my own! 
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