Book Nook: Crown of Midnight

Gillian Flynn, Liane Mortiarty, Mary Kubica, Jessica Knoll, Ruth Ware,

I hope you all liked my synopsis of the first Throne of Glass book and you found the book as exciting as I did! Today, I am going to be talking about the second book in the series, Crown of Midnight! Please be aware that if you haven’t read the first book, this review may include some Spoilers.

Crown of Midnight picks up where Throne of Glass ends. Celeana is crowned the champion of the King’s contest and is officially the new royal assassin. Her job? To win back her freedom, Celeana must obey the King and kill anyone he asks her to. Though she appears to be doing her job, and enjoying it, Celeana is far from loyal to the King and exercises her defiance by helping her targets rather than hurting them.

Meanwhile, Celeana’s love life is a mess, torn between two men, both who are loyal to the crown she hates so much. Her only friend seems to be Nehemia, a beautiful foreign Princess who has been sent to the castle by her family in the hope of improving relations between their two lands. What Celeana doesn’t realize is that coming to love others is nothing more than a vulnerability in the twisted world she lives in. The darkness surrounding Adarlan starts to become even more apparent and Celeana quickly needs to choose whether she is going to make a run for it, or stay and fight. All bets are off when Celeana is forced to reveal who she truly is to those who mean the most to her and feel the repercussions of that decision.


It’s really hard to follow up a strong opening novel with an even better sequel, but Crown of Midnight does not miss the mark! Not only do we see Celeana’s strength begin to really come out, foreshadowing the person she will become later in the series, but we get a tiny bit of a taste of what the land of Adarlan really is. Everything we came to know in the first book is flipped upside down as a shadow of the world, and the upcoming storyline, is revealed!

Celeana’s defiance and her loyalty to those who she loves becomes apparent in this book, but what is a bit unexpected is her response when faced with those who she feels betrayed by. Ultimately, a line in the sand is drawn between who Celeana really is and who she had portrayed herself to be in the first two books. The time for hiding and pretending is over and we see the first of many character transformations in this series. To me, this is where the series really starts to get interesting! I love a good plot twist. Here, you are basing your feelings on what you think you know about Adarlan and then all bets are off when the plotline is totally flipped upside down. Facts and events set up earlier in the books start to make more sense and come together, which is one of my favorite parts of a good storyline. I promise you won’t regret reading this one!

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