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Since our conception story was not typical, or particularly pleasant, Eric and I decided that if and when we finally did get pregnant, that we would go all out with everything else. Whether it was the Baby Shower, Registry, Nursery or even the Baby Gender Reveal, we were going to do it all! When we went to the doctor to transfer our frozen embryo, he asked us if we wanted to know the gender that day (it was a PGT tested embryo). We quickly said no, even though we were already dying to know! Fast forward a few weeks to when we did all of our preliminary blood testing with our OB, including our NIPT test, and once again we were faced with telling the doctors and nurses that we didn’t want to know gender just yet.

Once we got past the 12 week mark, we started planning our Gender Reveal party. I was still very nervous to actually acknowledge our pregnancy for fear of jinxing our miracle rainbow baby. We ultimately decided that we were just going to go for it and pray that our little Sweet Pea was here to stay. My neighbor was kind enough to offer to be the keeper of the gender and I was able to have both my fertility doctor and my OB share the gender results (just to confirm!) with her so that she could order some confetti balloons! It was my first time in a very long time planning a big, themed party like this, so I was really excited to do all the things!

I was able to buy 99% of what I needed from Etsy and Amazon and even DIY’d a few things, like the balloon arch. Overall, we had such a blast and couldn’t be more excited to welcome Baby Lawler to the family!

Check out the details of our Baby Gender Reveal party below!




Invitations from Minted


I didn’t want to go over the top with a theme. I felt that a gender reveal was theme enough so I tried to use the same pinks and blues in my decor for the party as I used for the party invites, which was fairly easy! I got my invites from Minted, which is where I always order my Christmas Cards from every year! From there, I worked on the little details that make a party really come to life. First were the white kraft paper bags that we used to hold the utensils. My MIL had the idea to buy these cute little baby foot stamps to enhance the plain white kraft paper. I think they came out so cute!




Our family and friends helped with the set up of our back yard! We rented a tent, tables, chairs and a bounce house for all of the kids who attended. From there, we went about decorating. I got most of my decor from Amazon and Etsy and then my mother-in-law and sister-in-law did some flower arrangements and other DIY projects to bring things together! We got all of our flowers fresh from Trader Joe’s the day before the shower. Their selection was amazing and I knew I wanted lush whites and greens to blend and give off a sophisticated look. We also had this cute baby confetti for the tables, which we spread out as well!




When people arrived, we had everyone fill out a card with their gender and name guesses and to offer up some parental advice. These were actually really fun to read later! We also had these cute Team Girl and Team Boy stickers for everyone to wear!








The dessert table was my absolute favorite! Since it was a warm day, we didn’t bring out the desserts until about 15 minutes before we were set to do the gender reveal. It was a good thing too, because even before we were fully set up, the kids were running over, trying to get a taste of all the delicious desserts. After we did our gender reveal, the dessert table was open for business! I got the desserts from a variety of places, including local bakeries, Etsy and Dunkin Donuts. We even had some homemade treats from my wonderful neighbors!






I had a vision of how I wanted the backdrop of the gender reveal itself to look. I wanted a huge balloon arch behind us and then confetti balloons for each of us to pop. We DIY’ed the balloon arch, the night before. It was very time consuming, but once we got into a rhythm, Eric, my SIL and BIL and myself were able to blow up all of the balloons and create the core in about 2 hours. The next day, we hung that core to the gold hoop and then attached the larger and smaller balloons all around until we achieved the look we wanted. The balloon arch kit I bought was good quality, but I will say that we couldn’t have done it without the electric balloon pump. While I loved the way it came out, I don’t know that I will DIY the balloon arch again in the future, at least not while pregnant!








When it came to the reveal itself, we had 2 huge confetti balloons that we were going to pop – one for each of us. What would a gender reveal be without a technical difficulty though?! My safety pin decided not to pop the balloon, but Eric was kind enough to pop mine for me after he popped his own.

Baby Lawler is a BOY!!




Honestly, we were in absolute shock! Based on my symptoms, the fetal heart rate and just our general gut feeling, we totally thought we were having a girl! We couldn’t be more excited for Baby Lawler! The best part was all of the reactions from our friends and family! The Team Boy/Girl stickers really made the reveal extra fun and we had soooo many people telling us they just “knew” it was a boy! Time to start working on the Nursery!








It was a magical day and we couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of our family and friends! We have waited so long for our turn to have an celebrate our little rainbow baby, we just feel so lucky to finally be in this amazing place, sharing the news with those who are close to us!


Cake – Dortoni’s Bakery

Donuts – Dunkin’ Donuts

Cupcakes – My neighbor made them!

Food – Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace

Flowers – Trader Joe’s

Thank you so much for stopping by and for continuing along with us on our journey to Baby Lawler!

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