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Eric and I got on our first post-Covid flight this past June. It was definitely a little scary, but it felt so good to travel again! I am really looking forward to planning more trips and making up for lost time! Because I travel so much for work, I am definitely the more experienced and less stressed out flier of the two of us. That makes me the responsible one when it comes to packing and being in charge of our carry on bag. I love to have everything organized and easily accessible. I used to travel with my Neverfull, but I needed more organization, especially when we are going through airport security! Today, I am sharing The Perfect Travel Bag from Ayla & Co. Ok, so if you clicked the link, you probably saw that it is listed as a diaper bag. While it is traditionally used as a diaper bag, it is also an amazing travel bag!

It comes in four chic colors, including the brown that I got, but also black, gray and ivory. There are tons of zippers and pockets that can easily be used to store your passport, wallet, phone, airpods, snacks, etc. I also especially like the magnetized front pocket, which is essential for anything you need to be easily accessible. Ayla & Co also makes a compact travel vacuum, which can be used to clean out a messy bag, or even be used in a car or at your desk at work!

Alternatively, if you or someone you know is in the market for a diaper bag, this one is great! Not only does it have all of the pockets I already talked about, which is great for packing snacks, extra clothes, diapers, wipes, and anything else you may need for your child, but it also has a portable diaper changing station. It would also be the perfect Baby Shower gift for a close friend or family!

Check out the details of The Perfect Travel Bag below!





The pockets, zippers and compartments are removable so that you can customize the inside of the bag for your needs! Use as a diaper bag, or remove the diaper changing station and use as a travel or work bag!




The front pocket has both zippers and magnets, making this the perfect place to put items that are used often, so that they are easily accessible!




I love the compact portable vacuum, which is perfect for cleaning out a messy bag, but is also great for the car! It comes with a charger as well!



The bag can be worn as a crossbody, as a tote or as a backpack depending on what you are doing and where you are going!




Bag // Vacuum

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