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My First Rehab: How to Spray Paint Furniture

This is my first DIY spray paint project, and I think it went well. This is an inexpensive way to re-purpose furniture without spending a ton of money. When we moved into this house, Eric and I merged together our stuff. Not everything matched, but we decided to live with what we had. Now, over a year later, I got antsy to start decorating.

I bought this table years ago at Home Goods. It looked nice in my apartment, but we are going for a more modern and clean look in our house. I decided to try my hand at spray painting to see if I could transform this table into something that we could use in our new home.


I decided to use Rust-Oleum Gloss White spray paint and 150 and 220 grain sand paper. I used two different grain sandpapers because the top portion of the table is wood and the decorative side and legs are metal. I used the 220 grain on the wood because it is more fine and the 150 on the metal to ensure that it was sufficiently sanded. (My husband suggested this, obviously).


Here is a close up of the wood top and metal decorative side.


I sanded the top, sides and legs and made sure that I got into all the nooks and cranny’s.


I then rinsed off the table and washed everything with some dish soap to make sure that there was no dust or grease on the table. I left it outside to dry in the sun for about an hour.


I decided to spray the underside of the table first and then flip it over and spray the top. It took about 2 or 3 coats to fully cover the whole table. This was my first time using the Rust-Oleum spray paint, and I didn’t love how the sprayer worked. It was actually kind of hard to hold the button down and spray accurately. Regardless, I (with a little help from Eric) managed to finish the table.






I love the way it came out. I also added a new, white lampshade (from Target) to update the look of the lamp. Overall, this rehab cost me about $6 for the spray paint.

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