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New Windows – Day 40

anderson windwos

As we patiently wait for crane day, the crew has been hard at work framing and installing the new windows. Our old windows were terrible at keeping out the elements and ended up costing us tons in electricity bills. We recently replaced the HVAC in the house and the efficiency of the new system helped, but having new windows and doors is going to completely change the way our house heats and cools.

We also slightly changed the look of the windows to include rectangular transoms to allow more light into the house and to really accentuate our soaring ceilings! The only window that needed to be made smaller was the window in the master bathroom to accommodate the roof over the vaulted ceilings of the family room. While this was a sad loss, we still have a nice half window and sky light in the bathroom, so overall we felt like this was the right move to make (and now our neighbors don’t have a clear view into our shower!!).

Check out the progress below and stay tuned for Crane Day!!

windowhouse renovation

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