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Christmas Storage with The Container Store


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Our Thanksgiving and Fall decor is officially down and we have started decorating for Christmas! While putting up all of these decorations is one of my favorite things to do, it can be a bit tedious locating everything in the attic, bringing it downstairs and then, of course, taking everything down in January. I’ve been looking for a way to organize and store my Christmas decor better so that taking everything down isn’t such an unhappy task. Today, I am sharing my Christmas Storage with The Container Store! I got a ton of great storage items, including storage bins, ornament organizers, Christmas light holders, a wreath holder and, of course, a Christmas Tree bag! My goal was to organize and purge my Christmas decor as I was bringing it downstairs from the attic so that when it’s time to put everything away, I would have a place for everything and it won’t take as long or be a task that I dread each year.

I have a lot of Christmas decorations that came with me from my apartment before Eric and I got married along with a lot of new items that we have collected recently. You may have guessed it, but all of that accumulation only led to us having a lot of Christmas decor that is old and unused. If you think back to my organizational basic tips from this blog post, you might remember that organization takes a few steps; purge, organize and function! As we were bringing things down from the attic, I looked through all of the decor I had, purged what we no longer use, was old or was broken and then consolidated down into the new storage bins and organizers! What’s really great about the ornament organizers is, not only do they keep my ornaments separated and safe, but they have handles that allows me to easily take out the organizer so that I can hold it while I am decorating the tree! The dividers can easily be removed if you would rather use the bin to store other items, like your tree topper, garland or sprays.

OK, so now on to the game changer…the Christmas light organizer. I’m sure many of you remember growing up with the Christmas lights that made you miserable. If one light went out, they all went out and you had to test them to find the one to replace. You may also remember untangling the lights from the disasterous knot they inevitably ended up in. You can now say GOODBYE to all of that headache! This light organizer keeps your lights organized, similar to a garden hose, and you can easily unravel it with the wheel feature it sits on. Check out my stories for how it works! I can honestly say that these new organizers have already made a huge difference in decorating for the holidays!

Check out the details of my Christmas Storage with The Container Store below!











Storage Bins // Ornament Organizers // Drop-In Bins // Light Reel // Wreath Bag // Tree Bag

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

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