Activewear That Will Get You on Your Feet

If you read my New Year, New Me post from the beginning of January, then you know that I have made resolutions not only to appreciate the people around me more, but also to live a healthy lifestyle! I always find January really motivating because November through December is usually such an indulgent time, complete with food and drinks galore! I try not to give myself too much of a hard time during the holidays because I know that I will be motivated to make healthy lifestyle choices in January. Those choices include doing a month of no alcohol (Dry January) and really diving into my fitness routine. What better way to get motivated than to buy some Activewear That Will Get You on Your Feet!?

As you probably already know, we jumped on the Peloton train a while back…over 4 years ago when it was a relatively unknown company. Eric and I try to ride everyday or every other day to make the most of that piece of equipment. We also recently set up a makeshift gym in our basement. My parents are in the middle of a move, so most of their remaining things are in our basement, including my dad’s weights and bench press. Eric and I have started going down there together, listening to music and doing circuit training.

 A big part of working out hinges on having the right workout gear! High impact workouts like lunges and squats are enhanced by compression leggings and fabrics that absorb sweat! There are a lot of brands of fitness and activewear that I love, but I am rounding up some of my favorites that I have been wearing consistently throughout January!

Check out this Activewear That Will Get You on Your Feet below!


This look definitely transitions from the gym or yoga studio to running errands. So many of us are busy and having the ability to throw a cozy sweatshirt over a sports bra and leggings at the end of a workout is essential for maximum efficiency! Check out some of these activewear options!


Don’t forget that in addition to hitting the gym, there are so many other ways to attain your fitness goals. I am not a skier, but skiing and snowboarding are great ways to stay active during the winter months. If watching the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has taught me anything, it’s that fashion does not stop at the top of a double black diamond! Check out the latest in base layers that will keep you warm and still looking really cute when you are grabbing hot cocoa in the lodge!



Don’t be afraid to bring out your personality in your activewear! Get creative with color, mixing separates and with prints! These ruffle sleeve sports bras are so cute and unique! Also, accessories are key! Water bottles, yoga mats and gym bags are all things that make working out that much easier!


I love an outfit that does what I need! From high intensity fabric to convenient pockets, ventilation slats and comfy sneakers, its super important to have an outfit that fits your workout!


If you’ve read my blog a lot, then you are probably sick of me saying the word versatile. But seriously…versatility is my favorite feature for any type of look! I like to be able to mix and match, wear pieces different ways and for different reasons. I love that this yoga look has both a activewear component in the leggings, but also a more relaxed, loungewear component in the comfy oversized tee!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Good luck with your New Year’s Resolutions and happy shopping!

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