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Pantry Organization with The Container Store 


My pantry is probably one of my most used spaces in my entire kitchen. That is where we keep all of our breakfast, lunch and snack foods as well as store things, like paper goods. For the most part, I was ok at keeping the food portion of the pantry relatively neat. It’s easier to keep this more organized since, as we use food and buy new food, I would re-organize as necessary.  

My storage and paper goods on the other hand was pretty much a joke! My entire family would make fun of me during holidays about how they were scared to open the storage pantry for fear of falling plates and napkins. To be honest, they weren’t wrong. I simply let this section of my kitchen go because – out of sight, out of mind. I rarely use paper plates on a regular basis, except when company comes over and, by the time my guests leave, I would forget about my organizing aspirations. Well, I finally made a point to actually organize this space and boy am I happy that I did! 

Check out my Pantry Organization with The Container Store below! 




First things first, Eric and I went through both sections of the pantry and threw away outdated food and broken or old paper goods. From there, we took stock of what was left and began grouping them. We also re-assessed the heights of each of our shelves and made adjustments to accommodate the items that we wanted to store and the organizers we wanted to store them in.  


There is nothing I love more than storage bins and organizational baskets to really make a space function well! I got rid of all of the bulky boxes and messy bags that originally contained our “stuff” and instead, put everything in bins and baskets. This is a great way to really keep organized and also keep an eye on how much “stock” you have. Sometimes I would think I had a full box of granola bars, only to find that someone left an empty box in the pantry (grrr). Since all of my storage bins are now see-through, it makes it really easy to quickly assess what I need when I am going grocery shopping! 

Overall, I am really happy with how the entire pantry turned out and Eric already said that he really likes how it functions! Amazing right?! 

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Thank you so much for stopping by! Happy shopping! 

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