How to Get the Perfect Blowout at Home


Regardless of the social distancing protocols, who wouldn’t want their hair to look like they just walked out of a salon?! Today, I am sharing how to get the perfect blowout at home with MyBrushX! A perfect blowout starts in the shower! What I mean is that what you use to wash your hair is super important! I have been using the Tea Tree shampoo for about a week now and I am finding that my hair is clean and super soft! The Tea Tree shampoo is known for their “tingle complex”, made from tea tree, peppermint and lavender, that gives that fresh and clean feeling all the way into your scalp! The shampoo is made with the essential oils from a Tea Tree and perfect scalp health, including tackling itching, dandruff, hair loss and greasy hair! Once I wash my hair, I comb it and let it air dry until it is about 75% dry (roots still damp and ends a bit more dry).

Once my hair is ready, the fun part starts! I used to use the typical hair dryer with a roll brush and found that not only did my hair just look OK, but it was tiring and time consuming to actually try to give myself a proper blowout. The MyBrushX is so easy to use and the results are actually amazing! I usually section off my hair into three sections – the top, and then the two sides. From there, I use the tool to basically “brush my hair” until it is dry! I try to make sure that I am putting my hair over the MyBrushX so that I maximize the amount of volume I get. This is really what makes it look like a professional blow out. For the top/front pieces of my hair, I make sure to pull my hair forward as I am brushing and drying it, so that when I flip it back, again, I get maximum volume! The MyBrushX Gen 2 was made with more negative ions that promote shine, a reinforced ceramic coating to limit damage and larger surface area on the brush for more air distribution! And then…Voila! The perfect blowout!

From there, you can either leave you hair as-is, or add some product, like texturizer, to curl! I have found that my hair looks better for way longer using the MyBrushX. I join Zoom calls for work on a daily basis, so while I am wearing PJ bottoms, my top half has to look put together and professional. With the MyBrushX, I know my hair is going to look good, with minimal effort, until I wash it again!

Check out How to Get the Perfect Blowout at Home below!


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