Second Trimester Guide

My First Trimester Guide got such a great response that I wanted to make sure I followed up with a Second Trimester Guide! I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and I am still feeling good. For any of you mama’s out there who are struggling through your first trimester, I promise it will get better! I struggled with nausea, food/smell aversions and fatigue in the first trimester, but I started feeling like a new person around 12 weeks – so just hang in there!

Since hitting the second trimester, I’ve finally been able to eat and start to put on some of the pregnancy weight that I lost during the first 12 weeks. I’ve also been able to be more active and more regularly exercise, which makes me feel much better and actually gives me more energy – especially since I’m still mostly staying away from coffee right now. In terms of products, I’m still using many of the same products that I was using in the first trimester, but I have made a few changes, so I’ll lay all of that out for here!

Check out my Second Trimester Guide below!

Belly Butter // So far, I have managed to escape without any stretch marks. I’m sure this could still change in the third trimester, but I’m taking this as a good sign! While I’m sure that stretch marks are partially based on genetics, I plan to do everything in my power to ensure that I give myself the best chance of not getting any. From Day 1, I always used moisturized after getting out of the shower and then once I found out I was pregnant, I also added the Fearless MaMa Belly Butter (unscented) into my post-shower routine. I would focus mostly on my belly and hip area. Once my belly started to grow a bit more, I started applying the Hatch Belly Oil to my belly, breasts, hips, butt and love handle areas twice a day. It’s really easy to use with the little stopper and I just put my pregnancy leggings on over it after I apply to make sure I don’t get it everywhere. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ve also heard great things about the Burt’s Bees Belly Butter as well!

Pregnancy Pillow // For whatever reason, as soon as I was pregnant I was almost immediately uncomfortable while laying down. Once you hit a certain point in your pregnancy (literature will tell you different weeks), you aren’t allowed to lay on your back for long periods of time. I began using  this wedge pillow, which is nice and small for the first couple of weeks. I quickly graduated to this pillow and I never looked back. I have found it extremely comfortable to sleep with this pillow and have even brought it on trips because it’s so comfortable! I also have this pillow downstairs on the couch!

Pregnancy Leggings // By the time I was 10 weeks pregnant, I was finding my non-maternity leggings to be a bit constricting. I managed to mostly stay in them until about 15 weeks. At that point, I switched over to maternity leggings. The Beyond Yoga maternity leggings were recommended to me by some friends and they have definitely been my go to. I also got a pair of the Spanx faux leather leggings and they are great for a more formal, going out look!

Maternity Jeans & Work Pants // Similar to leggings, I quickly outgrew my regular jeans. I invested in a few pairs of neutral jeans for the winter and I’m really happy about what I got. I was able to fit into my work pants for a little longer, but eventually I had to make the switch because I was trekking into the office with my pants unbuttoned. I think that was the tipping point (haha)!

Bras // Honestly, I’ve been living in low impact, super comfy bras for most of my pregnancy. Even on days where I am getting dressed up or going into the office, I can barely handle a real bra. I’ve already grown into the bras I got from the Soma BOGO sale and they are still great, but sometimes they are even too constricting! I’ve always had a fairly small chest, so dealing with a larger one is a little out of my element!

Compression Socks // I never thought it would happen to me, but a few weeks ago, my feet and ankles started swelling big time. I thought it was from the walking and hiking we did on our babymoon, but after a few days, the swelling remained. I’ve also been flying a lot for work a lot, so I don’t think that helped. I did two things to bring my swelling down – 1) I put an ottoman under my desk so that I could put my feet up while I worked all day and 2) I bought compression socks. I actually only needed to wear them for 1 day and my feet and ankles went back to normal. Between that, keeping my feet elevated and drinking lots of water, I am hoping I am in the clear!

Exercise // At 12 weeks, it was like a switch flipped and I immediately started feeling better. My nausea, aversions and fatigue were mostly gone, finally giving me a reprieve from my misery. Since then, I’ve been making an effort to stick to an exercise routine, not only for my health, but also to make sure that I am ready for labor. Eric and I have continued our morning walks, I’ve been riding the Peloton for 10-15 minutes (low impact), and I’ve been doing daily prenatal workouts from this YouTube Channel. I switch up what I do between prenatal yoga, Pilates and workout challenges. The instructor is well qualified and also has tips and tricks on getting baby into the right position for labor, breathing techniques and pelvic floor exercises.

Clean Skincare Products // I am still using my Tula Cleanser and Nightly Moisturizer. After doing a bit of research, I found that most of my makeup products were considered pregnancy safe, aside from my primer and concealer. I simply dropped those from my routine (for now) and apply my usual makeup without them. I am not a doctor, so definitely consult with yours if you have specific questions, but I do know that anything including Retinols is a no-no!

Prenatal Vitamins // I am still taking these Nature Made vitamins, which are packed with 800 mcg of Folic Acid and DHA. I’ve also added a Vitamin D3 supplement and Vitamin C gummies for a little extra boost. Some mama’s have low iron or other deficiencies, but for now, my bloodwork has all looked good, so I’m sticking with what I am currently doing!

Overall I’m feeling good and Baby Lawler is really kicking up a storm! I started feeling him around 14 weeks and he’s been going non-stop ever since! It’s full speed ahead for this mama! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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