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Renovation Diary

  • back of house
    Renovation Diary

    Framing – Day 37

    Today was one of the most exciting days in our renovation process yet. The walls for the first floor addition have gone up and the space is actually starting to look…

  • subfloor
    Renovation Diary

    Framing – Day 36

    Construction on the sub-floor is complete and we are finally able to walk out the back door again (since the loss of the floating stairs)! We have some sunny days ahead…

  • back of house progress
    Renovation Diary

    Framing & Porch – Day 35

    A lot of progress was made on the framing of the addition and the front porch. The floor joists are in and ready for the subfloor, the windows arrived and the…

  • Renovation Diary

    Framing & Porch – Day 34

    A few exciting things happened this week. First, we finished the foundation yesterday and got started demolishing the existing porch (see it here), next we had all of the dead trees…

  • 2x4's
    Renovation Diary

    Foundation & Porch – Day 33

    It’s time to cheer…we are finally finished with the foundation and have moved on the bigger and more exciting projects! The siding has been removed from the back of the house…

  • day 24 overview
    Renovation Diary

    Foundation – Day 27

    Day 27 and we finally have concrete walls and cement block pillars. I know the timeline of this foundation is starting to get comical, but we are almost there! The last piece…