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  • foundation forms
    Renovation Diary

    Foundation – Day 18

    We are 18 days in and barely have anything to show for it. The rain has been killing us these past few weeks, so we are having trouble staying on schedule.…

  • footings
    Renovation Diary

    Foundation – Day 10

    After a few delays, the concrete footers have finally been poured! We had planned to etch our initials into the concrete, but it cured so quickly that it was already hard…

  • Rebar
    Renovation Diary

    Foundation – Day 4

    It’s day 4 and the step foundation is complete, the forms are up and the rebar is in! At this point, an inspector must come to sign-off on the width, depth…

  • foundation digging
    Renovation Diary

    Foundation – Day 3

    We are now three days into the renovation and the construction workers have finished digging the foundation. Our hole is now a “house-shaped hole”! Next step is re-bar, footings and foundation! Stay…

  • foundation day 2
    Renovation Diary

    Foundation – Day 2

    It is day 2 and the weather is holding out! Thus far, the construction workers have completed digging half of the foundation. We are not digging a full basement for the…

  • foundation day 1
    Renovation Diary

    Foundation – Day 1

    After one week of construction delays (and countless delays with the permit process) we have finally started our renovation! Even today, our team of construction workers were delayed getting to the…